WC Xterra 2010 age-groups

WC Xterra 2010 age-groups

maandag 25 oktober 2010

Ma 1u


net een berichtje gevonden op www.xterraplanet.com:

Tim Van Daele of Belgium is the world’s best XTERRA amateur triathlete, and that’s just the way he likes it.
Van Daele repeated as the overall amateur winner at the XTERRA World Championship in 2010, with a time of 2:48:28, which was five minutes better than his time of last year.
“I’ve been doing triathlons since I was 16,” said Van Daele, 30. “But I did not have a goal to be pro. I wanted to do normal work and still do triathlons.”
Van Daele works 40 hours per week in the chemical industry in Belgium, and used his vacation time to travel to Maui for the XTERRA World Championship.
“Because of my work, it is not possible for me to be pro right now,” he said. “I enjoy what I am doing now – work and do triathlons when I can.”
Fellow amateur Francois Carloni of France, the 2008 overall amateur XTERRA World Champ, had a slight lead over Van Daele during the mountain bike stage, then they ran next to each other for the first few miles of the run.
“He passed me on the bike, so I was a little worried, but then I saw him and we ran together for the first 3 (kilometers) and I was comfortable,” Van Daele said. “Then I think he crashed and I kept going. When I got to Makena Beach, everybody was screaming and cheering to me, and I was really enjoying that.”
Pierre-Yves Facomprez of France placed second among the amateurs with a time of 2:49:54, and Carloni was third at 2:50:35.



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Weer een ongelooflijke prestatie.Dikke proficiat!!!!.Heb de wedstrijd volledig kunnen volgen via gps-tracker .Tot vrijdag .